Hotel Carlos I Silgar

Corporate social responsibility

We are a family organisation and we are aware of the role we play in our community. As such, we are convinced that our value is determined by the extent to which we generate value for all our employees and our surroundings.

We are committed to making a positive impact on our local environment and to being agents of change and progress on a social, economic and environmental level.

Since our inception, this hotel has been a socially responsible company that ensures employment within the local area and supports the social and economic needs of our community, establishing direct and indirect actions for the benefit of Sanxenxo and Galicia.

In addition, we are committed to environmental conservation, generating as little impact as possible, and working towards a sustainable consumption of natural resources.


* The lights used in the hotel, the boilers for warming the pool, the heating and the clothes dryers are all optimised to reduce energy consumption.

* The shower and washbasin have built-in water-saving devices.

* Towels are washed at the client’s request.

* The people who prepare the room receive specific training to care for and protect the natural resources that surround us.

* We use a system for cleaning and disinfecting the rooms that guarantees minimum water and chemical product consumption.

* Water and soft drinks are offered in returnable glass containers.

* We prioritise bulk purchases of the raw materials with which we prepare our food.

* We buy local produce from local suppliers, always fresh and of the highest quality. The products go from the source – be it our estuaries, fields or farms – straight to your table.

* The hotel manages all the waste generated so that it can be recycled or revalued as much as possible.

* Staff in all departments follow a protocol of good energy efficiency practices.

Solidarity projects


Professionalising the sector


Support for the social, cultural and sporting environment